Dogfrisbee tabor na Češkem

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: 25 Januar 2013, 22:09:58
Letos poleti bosta dva dogfrisbee tabora na Češkem, v mestu Tovačov, pod vodstvom Miše Androve, Veronike Urbaskove in Markete Urbaskove.

Več informacij in prijava tukaj:

Toplo priporočam!

V angleščini (kar mi je poslala organizaterka):

instructors: Míša Andrová, Veronika Urbášková and Marky Urbášková

place: Tovačov (the same place as for KDDF event)


1st - 21.-26.7. 2013

2nd - 28.7. - 2.8. 2013


sunday - arrival possible from 16:00

monday-thursday - dogfrisbee trainings (throwing, throwing, throwing and playing with dogs); dogfrisbee theory (rulles, tips ... ) and videos from WC 2012 (+ training "judging session"); physical conditioning (gymballs, jumping skills etc.); dog tricks for freestyle routine; clicker games

friday - last training (according to participiants´ demands)


100E player+dog; 40E another dog; 64E player only

Other info:

Accomodation: in tents

Food: everyone cooks by themselves (there is a "kitchen"), plus there are several restaurants where people can go during lunch break or in the evening

Hope to see some foreigners at our camps :0)))